Fashion Week Box

Fashion Week Box

Fashion Week is starting off in New York on September 4th and to kick it off, here's a menu plan with recipes to help you make a bold, colorful statement.

Just as the clothes you wear communicate something about you, so do the food choices you make, day in and day out. Choosing to eat fresh, wholesome, locally grown food means that you care about yourself and your community – that you see the bigger picture! Be a trendsetter in your community, spread the word and spread the love. In our book, leafy greens are the new black, and striped heirloom tomatoes about as snazzy as it gets. We even have Mohawk pasta for some of our Punk-ier customers!

Please note: this week we have substituted spinach greens with organic amaranth greens from Earthtrine Farm. Spinach thrives in cold weather, and so we have opted for a leafy green that is abundant in this hot weather. Use only the leaves and cook as you would spinach, maybe 5 minutes instead of 3. Referred to as callaloo in cajun and West Indies cooking (used interchangeably with spinach), or quelite in Mexico, Amaranth leaves and seeds are super rich in protein, vitamins (especially Vitamin A), iron and dietary fiber.

We have also substituted green 8-ball squash for the "sunburst squash" which we had in the boxes last week. There is an amazing array of different summer squash being grown, and we have made an effort to introduce different colors and shapes every week so people don't burn out with the repitition that can occur in some CSA-boxes with endless zucchini all summer.

The last substitution is NY Steaks from Rancho San Julian instead of Top Sirloin -- the steaks may be slightly smaller than the weights on the packing list, however they are a superior cut and designed to be sliced in the recipe, so the sizes should be sufficient for the steak salad, and well, absolutely delicious.


Italian Sausages With Red Beets and Goat Cheese
Savory Pie With Fire-Roasted Lipstick Peppers
Lovely Salad Of Spring Mix, Minced Shallots And Champagne Vinaigrette
Breast of Chicken With Broccoli And Green Beans
Tomato Pasta with Summer Squash and Basil
New York steak With Pesto Sauce Tomato Basil Salad


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