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May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short! Wellness is absolutely associated with happiness. When you’re feeling the good vibes in mind and body, science shows it’s tied into being healthy, eating well and exercising regularly. Without a doubt, it’s also about getting pumped in the morning and starting your day with a healthy breakfast. It’s so easy to start your day off right when you have all these amazing breakfast pantry items filled with clean ingredients and heritage grains. 

IMPACT:  Each purchase of this box enables a donation of $10 to The Alliance of Moms, to support pregnant and parenting teens in LA’s foster care system so that they can build a positive future for themselves and their children.  

Jump start your day each morning with our thoughtfully curated Breakfast Box. Free Shipping!

  • Coconut Grove Grain-Free Granola or Maple Way Vegan Granola, 8 oz | Bearclaw Kitchen, made in Los Angeles
  • House Roast or Columbia Magdalena Whole Bean, 10 oz | Earth Bean Coffee, roasted in Los Angeles
  • Organic Rolled Oats, 1.75 LBS | Maine Grains, made in Maine
  • Various Flavors of Jam, 8 oz | M. Greenwood Jams, made in Los Angeles
  • Various Flavors of Marmalade, 8 oz | M. Greenwood, made in Los Angeles
  • Various Flavors Maple Syrup, 8.45 fl oz | Runamok Maple, made in Vermont
  • White Sonora Pancake Mix, 1 LB | Hayden Flour Mills, made in Arizona
Our gift boxes deliver more than a gorgeous selection of delicious, quality, small-batch foods. Each gift:
  • Tells a story of community
  • Delivers measurable impact via a non-profit donation
  • Includes a discovery booklet
  • Supports small-scale artisan makers who care about a positive environmental and community impact