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Portland, Oregon has a dynamic craft cocktail scene which is the source of the beautiful selection of syrups, bitters, and mocktails celebrated in this box. Full disclosure: the Bloody Mary Elixir is the exception as this product hails from our long time friend Brad Bennett, of Pacific Pickleworks, based in Santa Barbara and one of our very first vendors.  Included in this box are recipes for various drinks which can be enjoyed with or without alcohol.  

Dreaming of Oaxaca - Tart, smoky, like a mezcal-kissed Margarita, without the hangover.

Smoky Mary - The Bloody Mary's wiser, more experienced sister. Savory and restorative.

Baby I love your Way - Tart and refreshing Eva's spritz made lush and luscious (and just a touch sweet) by rose cordial.  A champagne cocktail, but flirtier.

Mezcal Margarita - an updated Margarita using Mezcal instead of Tequila, inspired by Gabriel Camara's My Mexico CIty Kitchen cookbook.

IMPACT:  Each purchase of this box enables a donation of $10 to SEE-LA, whose mission is to build sustainable food systems and promote social and cultural activities that benefit both low-to-moderate income residents of Los Angeles while also supporting California small- and mid-sized farms and local small businesses.

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  • Raft Orange Bitters
  • Raft Lime Syrup
  • For BItter or For Worse Gift Trio of non alcoholic cocktails
  • Portland Syrups Rose Cordial Syrup
  • Portland Syrups Mango Habanero Syrup
  • Pacific Pickleworks Bloody Mary Elixir
Our gift boxes deliver more than a gorgeous selection of delicious, quality, small-batch foods. Each gift:
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