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 I learned to love conservas when I lived, for many years, in Portugal -- a country defined by its fishing traditions.  The famous Portuguese word "Saudade" means  a feeling of longing, melancholy, desire, and nostalgia that is characteristic of the Portuguese temperament. It describes a deep emotional state; a yearning for a happiness that has passed, or perhaps never even existed.  Or maybe it's just how the wives of the fishermen felt with their men at sea, fishing and exploring...  The Portuguese became expert at preserving fish -- first the "Bacalhau" or salt cod -- which allowed it to travel without refrigeration.  Then the conservas or tinned fish...  So I'm very very happy to see the recent "conserva trend" hitting America. 

Of course, I was determined to include some Portuguese conservas (the beautifully designed Jose Gourmet), as well as two North American brands:  FIshwife, with its whimsical boxes, and Scout -- both of which prioritize ethically-sourced, premium fish.  And of course, to scoop, pile high and add crunch, a box of our go to Rustic Bakery flatbread!


  • Fishwife smoked sardines
  • Fishwife smoked tuna
  • Jose Gourmet codfish
  • Jose Gourmet Spiced Calamari with Ragout Sauce
  • Scout Rainbow Trout with Dill
  • Scout Wild Salmon
  • Rustic Bakery Sel Gris Flatbread Crackers

IMPACT:  Each purchase of this box enables a donation of $10 to 5 Gyres.  “In 2008, Marcus and I met on a sailing expedition to research pollution in the North Pacific Gyre. As we sailed from Hawaii to Los Angeles, we collected samples of broken down plastics tragically mixed with marine life. But at night, we saw something even more alarming. Small fish that surfaced nocturnally to feed were mistaking contaminated plastic waste for food. As these fish were consumed by larger predators, the toxins were working their way up the food chain—and onto our plates. We vowed to dedicate our lives to solving the problem, and to each other. After Marcus fashioned a ring from discarded fishing line that he pulled from the ocean, we got engaged on top of a floating garbage patch. Soon after, he left on a three-month voyage aboard JUNK RAFT, a boat kept afloat by 15,000 recycled plastic water bottles, raising awareness about plastic pollution and inspiring the launch of The 5 Gyres Institute.” –Anna Cummins, Co-Founder 

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