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The September Pantry Discovery Box celebrates 'Old Friends".  We have been ordering the most beautifully crafted fruit preserves, syrups, and candies from June Taylor for a decade now!  10 years is something to celebrate!  Semolina Pasta has been our go to pasta since Leah founded her company, making pasta in her laundry room back in 2014!  We have watched as her products made it into grocery outlets and now, she is pulling back on wholesale, and focusing on direct to consumer sales -- so this wonderful pasta will be a bit more difficult to find, but we are so proud of her for making the right decision for the business she wants to stand by!    As to Hebel and Co Halva, we have been buying from them, and hearing their hilarious stories, since 2018 just a year into their existence. We are so proud to have long standing relationships with so many small scale vendors, who we have been buying from since their early days!  These are not just companies, or brands, these are our friends, and we celebrate our friendships with this box!

IMPACT: This box donates $10 to World Central Kitchen, Healthy Island Project, or We the Change. 


Inside The September Discovery Box

June Taylor

June Taylor is an artist who creates the most meticulous and delicious range of preserved fruit products imaginable. Now retired, she has closed her small but legendary shop in Berkeley, The Still Room. But we have still been able to order from her small batches she continues making. Every piece of fruit, every label, every bottle is chosen carefully to honor the fruit and the experience of the preserves. June started making preserves 30 years ago, before it was fashionable, and has maintained a very human scale to everything she does. 

Hebel & Co Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Halva

When the opportunity arose to collaborate on a flavor with Molly Yeh, Hebel & Co jumped, and said "How High?" We're so excited about this flavor. It hits every note of awesome, and in case you didn't already know it, Molly is awesome too. Molly is a cookbook author, restaurateur, and the host of the Food Network cooking show Girl Meets Farm. What's this collaborative flavor? Peanut butter, dark chocolate, puffed crispy quinoa, sea salt, and you’re welcome very much!


Whether you're cooking up a wicked batch of shells n' cheese or a seasonal minestra, this conchiglie will add both beauty and flavor.Semolina Artisanal Pasta is made in Los Angeles in small-batches, using organic durum semolina. Semolina extrudes all of the cuts through bronze dies, rather than the teflon favored by larger commercial pasta companies, giving the pastas a rough exterior texture that holds sauces perfectly. Each batch is dried slowly at low temperatures to preserve the natural flavor of the wheat. The Certified Organic Durum wheat is grown mostly in North Dakota and Montana. Durum's high protein, and the coarse, consistent grind of Semolina, help it develop the gluten structure and dense texture that make for the tastiest, best textured pastas.

Leah Ferrazzani launched Semolina Artisanal Pasta in October 2014 out of her home kitchen, converting her laundry room into a makeshift pasta dryer using some consumer electronics and a lot of moxie. 

Semolina’s pastas are proof that great pasta doesn’t have to be imported from Italy. Semolina strives to make a product that is simply good, and because it’s made locally, good for the environment and our community. 

How it Works

What's in a box?

The Monthly Pantry Discovery Box delivers a different selection of pantry items, every month, on a different theme.

The box includes Free Shipping and a Discovery Booklet with recipes and information on all the small batch makers included in the box.

Who does it benefit?

Each box donates $10 to a non profit featured on our site.

What are the rules?

Cancel your ongoing monthly subscription, or put yourself on holiday at any time.

For gifting purposes limited subscriptions (3-month, 6-month, 1-year) are also available.