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Sitting on the edge of the Pacific Rim, here in California, we are an ocean away from Asia, but we are so proud of the Asian communities who call this state their home.  This box highlights some of the most acclaimed makers and growers from those communities -- be it makers of Indian, Japanese, Cambodian or Chinese origins, they have carried on their traditions and share their homespun flavors with products that will uplift your culinary creations at home.  Also included is soy sauce from a non-asian maker who is the only micro-brewer of soy sauce in the US.  Including a booklet with suggestions how to use these products.

IMPACT:  Each purchase of this box enables a donation of $18 to support the Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement which cultivates healthy, long-lasting, and vibrant Asian and Pacific Islander communities through grassroots organizing.  
    • Chili Crisp Oil or Mala Spice, 8 oz | Fly by Jing | Los Angeles
    • Heirloom Kokuho Rose Rice 16 oz | Koda Farms | California
    • Bluegrass Soy Sauce 100 ml | Bourbon Barrel | Kentucky
    • Lemongrass Paste (Authentic Cambodian) 3.5 oz | Angkor Cambodian Food | California
    • Ume Plum or Red Shiso Syrup, 13 fl oz | Yumé Boshi | California
    • Single Origin Pragati Turmeric
  • 2.47oz (70g) | Diaspora Co | California
  • Assam Black Tea, 3.5oz | Alaya Tea | California
  • Discovery Booklet with Recipes & Info
Our gift boxes deliver more than a gorgeous selection of delicious, quality, small-batch foods. Each gift:
  • Tells a story of community
  • Delivers measurable impact via a non-profit donation
  • Includes a discovery booklet
  • Supports small-scale artisan makers who care about a positive environmental and community impact