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Our Prickly Pear Shrub is a sight for sore eyes, and packs a serious flavor punch that’s hard to find and worthy of a try. We proudly sourced the best prickly pears we could find from Windrose Farm and Centennial House on the Central Coast of California. The cactus plants at both of these farms are impressive in size, and what’s even more impressive is the sheer volume of bright pink, purple and red colored fruit they produce. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of prickly pears (nicknamed tunas) come from one cactus plant at the height of the season.

Windrose Farm and Centennial House are growing what we believe to be the best tasting, sweetest smelling Prickly Pears in California. Each prickly pear is harvested one at a time, and the fruit flesh inside is brightly colored, seriously sweet tasting and an ideal ingredient for our seasonal Prickly Pear Shrubs.

HOW TO USE: Add to cocktails, use in salsas, great for marinading

Fruit Sources ||

Windrose Farm, a diversified, organic, biodynamic family farm in Paso Robles, CA

Centennial House, a practicing organic, family sideyard farm in the Los Alamos, CA

Ingredients || Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Prickly Pears


Sideyard is on a mission to bring you sunshine in a bottle.

Their combined commitments to making and selling in small batches, sourcing fruit directly from their small farm partners and never adding sugar define them. They are exceedingly proud to make beverages that celebrate the bounty, abundance and bright flavors of every season in Southern California.

Finally, an unconventional beverage you can be on a nickname basis with. Shrubs, also known as fruit vinegars, are great tasting, versatile, and packed with all the goodness of raw, organic apple cider vinegar.

Give yourself a gut hug with shrubs! 

We never add sugar to our shrubs, because we believe in letting fruit sing! The only sweetness you’ll taste in a Sideyard Shrub comes from the fruit itself — to us, that’s the good stuff.

Our shrubs are alive, raw and with the mother.

It gets even better: our shrubs look, taste and feel like sunshine in a bottle. That’s why you’ll hear us refer to Sideyard Shrubs as sweet sun nectar. Our fruit vinegars are made in small batches with big love, in sunny Santa Barbara, California.