Eden Foods Tamari

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Fremont, California 

San Francisco Chronicle voted 'Taster's Choice' best tamari soy sauce. A specially brewed Tamari soy sauce made of Non-GMO organic whole soy beans. Traditionally aged in cedar casks for two years, creating flavor and value of true tamari enjoyed for centuries in Japan. A robust seasoning and condiment. Tamari is best for longer cooking, commercial food production, and bolder flavor. Amber glass bottled with a dispenser cap that delivers 'drops' or 'pours' as you desire. Refillable. Gluten Free.

Organic, imported EDEN Tamari Soy Sauce is made by master brewers, skilled in the art of koji fermentation handed down through generations. Made from whole organic, Non-GMO soybeans inoculated with koji Aspergillus oryzae, water and the finest sea salt. It is carefully tended and aged in cedar casks through two seasonal cycles.

Ingredients: Organic Whole Soybeans, Water, Sea Salt, Organic Salted Shochu (Water, Organic Rice, Sea Salt, Koji), Koji (Aspergillus oryzae)

Size: 10 oz