Genentech ALA Custom Box 2023

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The Genentech ALA Custom Gift Box 2023 includes:
  • shipping to a single destination (add $15/box for each additional shipping address)
  • a $5 donation per box to
  • 100 total stickers (1 per box, and the rest for your team)
  • custom collateral
  • products as follows:

1. Deux Cranes Dark Chocolate with Miso Almonds -- Deux Cranes is an artisanal chocolate brand, handcrafted in Los Gatos by French-trained chocolatier Michiko Marron-Kibbey and designed by creative director Ayaka B. Ito as a nod to their Japanese heritage and the flavors of their youth. With signature flavors including Vegan Matcha Almond with Yuzu and Milk Chocolate with Ginger, Sesame and Buckwheat and a rotating seasonal selection of offerings, Deux Cranes is intended to highlight the beautiful food cultures of Japan and France from both a product and aesthetic viewpoint, creating a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese philosophy of taking the time to appreciate the little things that make life so full. (Choice of flavors available.) 1 x 2.47 oz bar

2. Transcendence Coffee Gulab Jamun Syrup -- Transcendence Coffee is a specialty coffee company launched to diversify and elevate the flavored coffee market. Led by two 23-year old women, Mitalee Bharadwaj and Lisa Yala, who fell in love with the idea that coffee shops are a place for people to share more than just a drink -- they wanted to add the element of global cultural connection to their flavors. Their flavored syrups, unlike most found on the market, are natural, preservative-free, and uniquely based on desserts from around the world! We love the Indian Gulab Jamun Syrup (Rose Petals, Cardamom, and Saffron). Inspired by the popular Indian desert, this syrup brings notes of cardamom, saffron, and rose to whatever you wish! 1 x 13 oz bottle

3. Three Gems Tea Midnight Blossom Oolong: From Ayumi Takahashi’s Tokyo art studio and Diana Zheng’s sunny Los Angeles kitchen, Three Gems Tea is rooted in API family traditions, and they partner with tea farms that care for the land, and independent artisans putting their own spin on traditional crafts. With packaging designed for sustainability and circularity, 3% of their tea sales support clean water projects, because without clean water there is no tea. 1 x 100g container

4. Tochi Ubi Popcorn -- As first generation Asian Americans, Tochi (woman-owned and API owned) reinvented their favorite Asian flavors as crunchy, protein-packed snacks heavy on the good stuff, and light on the junk stuff. (Actually, no junk stuff at all. (Choice of flavors available.) Found in Filipino desserts, ube is a purple yam that tastes slightly sweet, earthy with a hint of vanilla. This popcorn will taste like grandma’s thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, but without the food coma after. Tochi's ube popcorn uses non-GMO corn, coconut oil, and real ube purple yam. Creamy, nutty and lightly sweet, our fluffy popcorn balls are accentuated by the deep rich purple color of the ube, which comes from anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps protect the brain and lower inflammation. 1 x 2.8 oz bag