Hayden Flour Mills White Sonora All Purpose Flour

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White Sonora is a beautiful heritage wheat, one of the oldest in North America, that’s bursting with flavor. Hayden Flour Mills' soft all-purpose flour is perfect for everyday use (a blend of White Sonora and Hard Red Spring wheat for gluten strength)- cookies, breads, pancakes, pies, pastries and anything else you can dream up.

Moisture: 9.71%
Protein: 11.52%
Ash: 0.85% 

Hayden Flour Mills is devoted to stone milling heritage and ancient grains — their flour is simply stone milled: an old-world process that allows the flavor and personality of the wheat to shine through. Their customers who had sworn off gluten (over-processed, bleached flours) for good, say that they can eat Hayden grains and flours without issue. Jeff Zimmerman and his daughter Emma started Hayden Stone Mills in 2011, stone-grinding the yield from their farm into fresh flours, reviving heritage grains that were on the verge of disappearance. Jeff loved making sourdough but couldn’t find high-quality, flavorful and unmodified flour, so he started making flour in a small stone mill in his garage. Now, they have a larger Italian stone mill, located right on the farm in Queen Creek, Arizona where they grow most of their grains. They partnered with local farmers to re-introduce heritage and ancient grains into their products. Hayden Flour Mills is also the only solar-powered stone mill in the US — we are so excited to support the project of this family business, a project that sustains disappearing ways of relating to the grain and the soil.

2 lb. box