Koda Farms Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour, Blue Star

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Mochiko sweet rice flour is used for preparing homemade mochi, manju, chi-chi-dango, arare – senbei, confections, in dim sum and other dishes. 16oz

Blue Star® Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour is unique among all varieties of rice flour due to its starch composition of nearly pure amylopectin. This characteristic makes it very viscous and useful as a superior, gluten-free thickening agent. Koda's flour has been milled on their farm since the 1940s and composed of California farmed, pure, unadulterated short grain sweet rice. No additives of any kind are added. Mild and neutral in flavor, popular Japanese applications include homemade microwave mochi, manju, chi-chi-dango, and arare (rice crackers). Koda's milling facilities are dedicated exclusively to the production of rice products.

About Koda Farms
Koda Farms' founder, Keisaburo Koda, emigrated from Japan, launched his farm in the 1920s and applied his passion for excellence and innovation to growing rice. His legacy is the oldest, continuously family-owned and operated rice farm and mill in California. All facets of production continue to be managed by the Koda family, starting with a proprietary nursery to provide superior, GMO-free seed for growing, harvesting, milling, and packaging rice products nonpareil under Koda Farms house brands. Unlike modern, mass-produced strains of rice, this pure heirloom rice matures slowly, yields less and requires propriety knowledge to farm.