Choose the non profit you want to support at checkout, to send them 20% of your total spend (shipping not included in total). Currently our pantry supports World Central Kitchen, Healthy Island Project, and the Social Good Fund, the non profit sponsor of We the Change.


First to the frontlines, World Central Kitchen provides meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. They build resilient food systems with locally led solutions.


Shop our pantry items and we will donate 20% of your spend to World Central Kitchen to support their efforts to feed refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Founded in 1991, HIP is a non-profit organization, started by Dr. Dan Rissi of the Island Medical Center in Deer Isle, Maine, to address community health needs and to work with individuals and organizations to develop strategies and programs to help people succeed in living healthy lives.

Founded by a group of women B Corp CEO's dedicated to creating a radically inclusive & richly regenerative global economy to generate abundance and prosperity for all. We the Change supports a world where business is in harmony with nature and all life thrives. Narrative Food is a founding signatory to the We the Change declaration.

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