Perfect Morning Box

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A great host/ess gift (which they will ideally share with you) for the perfect start to your day! Whether you're more of a pancakes fan or a granola addict or you like a drizzle of honey on your morning yogurt, we have got you covered!

Including FREE SHIPPING & a 3$ donation to a nonprofit of your choice.

Hayden Flour Mills Pancake Mix: Made with stone-ground white sonora wheat, this is Hayden Flour Mills' signature heritage flour. These fluffy pancakes have a natural sweetness that makes the perfect canvas for your favorite toppings, with minimal ingredients so that you can taste the grain. Just add water & butter! Prefer waffles? Simply add whipped egg whites!

Little Apple Treats Granola (in various flavors): This granola fuses warm, enticing South American flavors with Northern California ingredients — the best of both worlds! The New World Granola combines slow-toasted oats, farm-dried apples, quinoa flakes, piloncillo-glazed pumpkin seeds and Mexican cinnamon, which has a sweeter and fruitier flavor than the cinnamon they use in their Orchard Blend. It’s delicious over ice-cream, on top of fruit, or with milk. 

Appalachian Beekeeping Collective Honey: The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective is a nonprofit organization that trains, supports, and provides bees and equipment free of charge to partner beekeepers in economically distressed counties. They help their partners produce honey (and income) in the greenest way possible. Since 2016, they have helped hundreds of beekeepers get started in beekeeping for profit. ABC honey is produced through natural beekeeping methods. Their expert staff helps their partners follow a strict protocol rooted in science to ensure their bees are healthy, happy, and chemical-free. Partners never use antibiotics or synthetic pesticides in their colonies, and their apiaries are located on land not treated with synthetic pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides in areas with plenty of natural forage, clean water, and low density of other honey bees. The native Appalachian forests host an abundance of nectar-rich species such as tulip poplar, black locust, sourwood, and wildflowers. Appalachian sourwood honey is one of the most prized honeys in the world with a remarkably delicate flavor profile, characterized by anise and spice.