A Taste of Maine Box

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Give the gift of Maine, with handcrafted treats from some of our favorite local makers.

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44 North Coffee Royal Tar: The most popular blend from this woman-owned Deer Isle coffee roastery is dedicated to the story of the Royal Tar circus ship that sank off the coast of Deer Isle, Maine. On October, 25, 1836, mid-journey between New Brunswick, Canada, and Portland, Maine the dread cry of fire was heard below the decks. With smoke billowing from the boilers and flames shooting skyward, the ship’s frenzied passengers began plunging into the icy waters of Deer Isle. Aboard the 160 ft. Royal Tar were more than 90 people and a menagerie of circus animals including 2 big lions, a Bengal tiger, camels, snakes, and a beloved elephant named Mogul. Many perished, but as legend goes, some of the wild beasts swam to nearby islands where their descendants thrive today. Be on the lookout for them! A 44 North unique blend of Peru, Honduras and Ethiopia Sidamo with notes of rich Swiss chocolate, fruit and nuts, and a strong smoky finish. (Dark Medium Blend. 12 oz)

Royal Rose Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup: Royal Rose craft-certified organic, Maine-made simple syrups and drink mixes capture flavor straight from the farm! By using whole ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavors, each syrup makes for an incredibly rich experience. Wild Maine Blueberry Syrup is as simple as it gets, made with organic demerara sugar, filtered water, organic wild blueberries, and organic lemon juice. This syrup is perfectly smooth and indulgent, with deep, earthy notes of blueberry, making it an ideal addition to summer beverages and cocktails, as well as drizzled over a stack of pancakes or added to your favorite sweet treat.  

Slack Tide Maine Flake Sea SaltCrisp and clean hand harvested finishing salt. Made in small batches from the deep ocean waters of Maine. Solar evaporated in green houses on York's tidal river. Take a pinch and sprinkle over any dish, sweet or savory before serving to add wonderful flavor and texture. Slack Tide uses the freshest clearest ocean waters when pulling the water for sea salt. The water is boat harvested at an incoming tide. They don't add any chemicals, bleach, or anti caking agents to this salt so you're getting 100% pure sea salt from the crisp Maine ocean. Slack Tide Maine is headed up by Aunt and Niece team Cathy and Lauren along with childhood friend Sarah. A woman owned and operated small batch sea salt company in southern Maine. Sister members of 1% for the Planet! (1.8 oz)

Ragged Coast Chocolates Tahini CupsHand-crafted from single-origin chocolates and organic tahini, these silky smooth confections are what tahini lovers' dreams are made of. Sweet, with a hint of vanilla, this classic nut butter cup colors just a little outside traditional lines - and that's the way we like it. Ragged Coast makes all of their confections with fresh cream and butter from local farms. They buy or trade for fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers with Maine farmers and gardeners they've met along the way--at farmers' markets, on the road, in their shops, or on their farms. Their single-origin, sustainably-grown, and directly-traded chocolate is sourced from producers in Latin America that not only make the best chocolate in the world, but also treat the growers, harvesters, and the flora and fauna on their lands with respect. We know you can taste the difference.

Smithereen Farm Seaweed Sprinkle: Smithereen Farm is a 150-acre MOFGA-certified organic farm and blueberry lands located on Cobscook Bay on Maine’s border with Canada. They tend a large collection of heritage fruit trees for hard cider and vinegar, manage herb gardens, gather wild ocean seaweeds, make jam from woodland and hedgerow fruit, coastal roses, and collect + air dry meadow and forest herbs for tea, tinctures, cushions, condiment and soup mix… Seaweed is a commons, seaweed is a condiment! Nutritionally, it’s considered best to eat a little bit of seaweed everyday for hormones, minerals, thyroid, etc. Cherishing the seaweed as a tasty garnish and gift of the sea seems respectful as well as practical, which is why we propose the sprinkle-method. Dr. Suess was known to sprinkle kelp powder to make his “green eggs” we also suggest it on rice, in salad dressing, as a soup garnish, on toast with oil.