Manoa Liliko'i Passion Fruit Dark Milk Chocolate 50%

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When the seeds of passion fruit first came to Hawaii from Australia in 1880, they were planted in the East Maui district of Liliko'i and the name stuck. Inside, the fruit is filled with an aromatic mass of juicy pulp and edible seeds. The juice, with its distinct tangy flavor, is a popular ingredient in Hawaiian cuisine, used to make sauce, candy, ice cream, tea, or in cocktails and shave ice.

About Manoa Chocolate:

"We are a Hawaii based chocolate maker, which is a lot like saying "wine maker." Wine makers buy grapes and turn them into wine. Chocolate makers buy cacao and turn them into chocolate. A "chocolatier" is not the same thing as a "chocolate maker"; chocolate makers forge beans into chocolate. Chocolatiers buy finished chocolate and remelt it to make their recipes. We started as college students with no money and bootstrapped our business with ingenuity and determination. Some of our original pieces of equipment involved a barbeque to roast and a tricycle-powered winnower to operate the cacao shells from the nibs. Today, we are one of the largest craft chocolate makers in the U.S. - still striving to make the best chocolate possible and help grow the craft chocolate industry as a whole." 

Ingredients: Cacao, organic cane sugar, organic whole milk powder, passion fruit powder, cocoa butter. Contains milk.