Corporate Gift Spotlight: 
Narrative Food Celebrates Asian Leadership Academy


  • A consumable gift box
  • Featuring Asian-made products
  • Giving back to a related cause


Our client Genentech, Inc., is an American biotechnology corporation headquartered in South San Francisco, California, and an independent subsidiary of Roche. Historically, the company is regarded as the world's first biotechnology company. As of July 2021, Genentech employed 13,539 people.


To celebrate the conclusion of the inaugural cohort of the Asian Leadership Academy, Narrative Food was asked to curate a consumable gift box of Asian-made foods, including a donation to a relevant non profit.


"We came to Narrative Food with a specific idea for a consumable gift box for our Genentech Asian Leadership Academy community. Jennifer collaborated with our team to curate a meaningful & delicious gift box with items that featured diverse Asian suppliers and a portion of our gift we allocated to support a non-profit that advances health equity."

Tanya Vidhyarkorn
Alliance & Partnerships Leader, imCORE Network Operations
gRED Clinical Operations,
Alliance & Partnerships
Genentech, A Member of the Roche Group


  • Initial Phone Interview: The Basics
    • contact details
    • gift budget per box
    • the amount of boxes (typically from 25-500 boxes)
    • the particulars of what they wanted included
    • the non profit they wanted to support
    • the ship date
  • Proposal Submitted
  • We circled back with a proposal building in all of these parameters. With the client’s feedback, we swapped out one item and then the proposal was approved along with a donation to AAPCHO, a non profit promoting advocacy, collaboration, and leadership to improve the health of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. 

  • Custom Insert Draft Submitted:

We shared a draft of the custom insert that was going into the box, including: 

  • A note from the client
  • Information about the non profitdonation showing their stake-holders how this gift would have a positive impact
  • Details about all the items included in the box
  • Address list from client:

Finally, the client provided a spreadsheet including the mailing addresses for all the gifts. On the ship date, the spreadsheet was annotated with the tracking numbers for each gift,so that the agency would have a view on deliveries. The recipients all received their gifts with delight!


“For over 12 years, Narrative Food has been creating custom gifts for clients ranging from studio heads to boutique agencies, from nationwide non profits to local community organizations alike. Our mission is to provide organizations with delicious impact-driven gifts that delight and give back. We particularly loved supporting Tanya with API-made products!"

Jennifer Piette
Founder, CEO
Narrative Food

Custom Genentech ALA Box Insert