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As seen in The New York Times

Created by Masienda team members Danielle and Jorge, Pura Macha is a playful nod to the traditional salsas machas of Mexico.

Literally translated as “brave salsa” (a reference to the spice level of some, not all, recipes) salsa macha is an oil-based chile condiment, traditionally prepared with some combination of chiles, nuts/seeds, spices and dried fruits.

From the traditional salsas machas across Mexico, to the chili oils of China and Southeast Asia, to “XO” sauce in Hong Kong and rāyu in Japan, oil-based condiments can be traced to cultures from all over the world. We’re stoked to present the version handmade by Masienda, in Los Angeles, of course.

Spoon Pura Macha onto masa dishes like tacos, quesadillas and tamales, as well as pizza, salad, roasted vegetables, noodles, beans, rice, pasta, yogurt, bread and butter, to name just a few.

Welcome to the everything condiment.

GUAJILLO + CRANBERRY + HAZELNUT balances a mellow warmth with a refreshing dose of sweet and savory elements. This is the gateway recipe of the Pura Macha lineup, the salsa that primes you for deeper macha explorations to come. Spoon over roasted vegetables, pizza, salads, quesadillas, tamales…this goes great on it all.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Chile Guajillo, Chile Ancho, Roasted Hazelnut, Dried Cranberry, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Chile de Arbol, Sea Salt. Contains: hazelnuts.